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In today’s time it becomes easy to manage an enterprise and a leading ERP company in Delhi will help you with management system of your enterprise either it is small or big. Enterprise Resource Planning is cross-functional business management software used by organizations internally to manage its operations; an integrated suite of software applications that help in planning, administration, optimization followed by manufacturing along with supply chains, financial, customer relationship and human resource management.

Here at one of the brilliant ERP app development company in Delhi, easy and accessible ERP solutions are offered to companies that deal in manufacturing and trading business in SME Sector to strengthen the growth and success of an organization. With our skilled technical expertise all the best requirements of your business are met.

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Modules of ERP Solution


An important module that helps in managing performances of the administration system. All the registration details and other major details of all the branches of your company are preserved within this module.


This module makes accounts department more effective and systematic in recording and reporting all the cash flow of the company, both in and out cash flows.


A smart HRMS software that helps to reduce the problems faced by human resource management system on daily basis, it maintains all the activities on regular basis by reducing the probability of mistakes.


It deals with the stock related activities of the company and comes with the readymade feature of automating and streamlining all the activities related to inventory department.


Customer Relationship Management is a flexible module that makes your work more systematic. It follows practices, strategies and planning that helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between client and employee.


This module is the backbone of the company as it maintains all the on-field and on-desk sales of the company; a single platform easy to perform multiple tasks.


It is the more secured and systematic module that works on the principal of maintaining sales and purchase records of the company. It also deals with the stock related activities.


For all the manufacturing related records, production module is used to maintain goods and services stock records. It helps in planning, tracking and managing your business more efficiently.

Benefits of ERP System

  • Efficiency and Scalability
  • Integrated Information
  • Productive Reporting
  • High quality Customer Service
  • Flexibility and Security
  • Reduced Operating Cost